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How to Thrive as a Woman in Sports

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How do you thrive in adverse situations?

By practicing creative leadership in challenging environments. Like being a woman in athletics, for instance. It’s tempting to behave sedately, the way women are often socialized to do. But sometimes, that’s the wrong thing for everybody.


Digit Murphy, head coach of the women’s professional hockey team, Kunlun Red Star, and head coach of Team China Women’s Ice Hockey, knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a woman in sports leadership.


In this episode of the On the Whistle podcast, I talked with Digit about elevating the conversation around the role of women in sports.


We discussed:

  • Who Digit is and what her background in coaching women’s hockey looks like
  • How Digit earned respect as a woman in athletics
  • What women often want and why they shouldn’t want it
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