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Building a Coaching System That Can Change Kids’ Lives

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In youth sports, we talk a lot about changing the world. But once kids leave the field, how are they changed? Are they any different on the ride home in the minivan than they were when they arrived?

Keith Osik, former player for the Pirates and now Vice President for Coaching Development, and Steve “Jonesy” Jones, Senior Vice President of Coaching Systems, at Steel Sports, believe in coaching systems that change lives.

In this episode of the On the Whistle podcast, I talked with Keith and Jonesy about ways Steel Sports is guiding and mentoring young people to become better humans.

We discussed:

  • The story behind Steel Sports and how it’s making an impact across America today
  • Translating the plays for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back of the jersey, into action
  • How to get kids thinking and behaving the right way on the field
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