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Athletes in a Business Structure

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Andy Gresh – a New England radio icon – joins me this week on the show this week. In the episode, Andy and I discuss how the son of a coal miner who grew up in a small, rural Pennsylvania town ended up a prolific voice in sports broadcasting and how being an athlete prepared him for success in the business world. 

Andy tells us about how we, as humans, tend to hold on to the memories and remember the people who told us we can’t do something. It’s human nature! But the people who you really, truly remember are those who told you that you CAN. 

Gresh talks about the grind he put in day in and day out as a young radio talent playing football for URI and trying to build a career at WFAN in New York. After landing an internship with the station, Gresh realized the hurdles ahead of him as a football player on scholarship needing to commute to New Jersey two days a week. After being brought on, Andy tells us that it was his dedication as an athlete that landed his position. 

This conversation goes on to highlight some characteristics of athletes that standout in the business world: 

  • Accountability – Can you do this task 
  • Dependability – Can I trust you to get the job done?
  • Structure – Athletes understand the organization structure. 


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