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All In – an Interview With Celtic’s Majority Owner Wyc Grousbeck

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“When I say I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have the money. But I did have the confidence to find partners who would see it my way.” 

A true, natural competitor, Wyc Grousbeck – majority owner and governor of the Boston Celtics – knows the dedication it takes to not give up on a dream. His dream of owning the team was far from easy, but through his own sports experiences, he understood the responsibilities and dedication it would take to see his dream through.

This week, Wyc joined me on On the Whistle to discuss the path, obstacles, and determination it takes to create a championship-caliber organization. 

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Wyc grew up with the competitive bug in him his entire life. Whether it was playing kick the can in his Weston backyard as a kid or rowing for Princeton as an NCAA athlete, Wyc always wanted to win that trophy.

One day, sitting in his office, long after taking the shirts off the backs of his losing competitors on the water, Wyc looked up at a photo of his NCAA rowing team after winning the National Championship and felt his competitive energy resurface, and at that point, he decided his life needed a change. 

But that was just the beginning of his journey in becoming the majority owner of the beloved Boston Celtics, listen to the episode to hear his personal and inspiring story of dedication and being ALL IN. 

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