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The Psychology of Sport: Gratitude in Greatness

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It’s hard to get good at something. It takes time and discipline (and a little luck!). Success cannot be bought. As Brad Faxon explains, it’s not something you can bottle up and put on a shelf at CVS to sell. It’s not a destination either. It’s a mindset. And it all starts with gratitude.

In the episode, Brad goes on to tell us about his experience in finding gratitude daily, how it’s shaped his life, and how he uses it to shape others’ lives, too.

Riding his bike 3 miles each day, Brad Faxon worked as a caddy at Rhode Island Country Club growing up. For 12 years, he watched and learned from those influential and successful club members whose bags he’d carry around the course. Brad had soaked in their teachings, simply by observing their habits. He had seen the roadmap for success and was starting to plot his own course. 

When Brad joined the PGA tour at 22, he was nervous. This was the real deal. Athletically, he’d made it. But as he learned, talent isn’t everything in professional sports. Creating the proper mindset was vital for him to continue in the PGA. Brad quickly learned that if you want to be a great golfer, you’ve got to have a great attitude. It all starts there. 

Teeing off next to some of the greatest – instead of faltering under the pressure and intimidation – Brad played on a strength he’d learned years ago at Rhode Island Country Club: learn from those around you. It wasn’t always asking blatant questions – but sometimes it just involved watching their approaches and how they handled certain situations.

While maintaining the right mindset and confidence on the course, Brad transformed his observations into actionable learning opportunities. Brad’s approach to the psychology of the sport cemented him as one of golf’s greatest and undoubtedly one of the PGA’s best pure putters in history. 

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