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Sports Journalism Lessons Learned From Growing Up Quaker

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Growing up Quaker meant learning to sit still, be quiet, and surreptitiously practice sign language with your friends.

Today though, silence, mindfulness, and living in the moment — all the things that happened in the Quaker meeting — have taken a major role in the world.

How can our childhood experiences, such as growing up Quaker, shape the way we think about sports, mentoring, and sports storytelling?

In this episode of the On the Whistle podcast, I sat down with Andrea Kremer, seasoned sports journalist and analyst for Amazon Prime, Thursday Night Football. We talked about how her background in Quakerism affects her sports storytelling today.

Andrea and I discussed:

  • How growing up Quaker helped Andrea find balance, peace, and empathy as a sports journalist
  • The ways sports mentors can help build a sense of self
  • Gender’s role in sports journalism
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