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How Resilience Works: Helping Seriously Ill Children Achieve Their Goals

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Liam is 10 years old. He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s like ALS but affects young boys instead of grown ups. He’s also part of the baseball team at Northeastern University.

Liam is just one of the seriously or chronically ill kids that Jay Calnan and the folks at Team Impact are putting on college sports teams. Jay’s goal is to see a sick child on every college team.

On this episode of On the Whistle, Jay and I talked about what seriously and chronically ill children can teach college athletes about resilience.

We discuss:

  • Who Jay Calnan is and how Team Impact got started
  • How Team Impact has grown to include 55,000 kids in 48 states
  • The ways chronically ill kids are teaching athletes how to thrive in a pandemic
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